Cat Behavior 
  Solving your cat's behavior problems

and restoring harmony to your home 

All of my behavior modification plans are based on encouraging desirable behavior by use of redirection and positive reinforcement. While some negative reinforcement may be included in the plan (ex. - the use of double sided tape or citrus odors to make an object undesirable), no  plan will ever include harmful acts to be used as punishment. The use of punishment is a poor approach to training a cat.  Punishment  teaches the cat not to do the unwanted behavior in front of you; that is, they come to associate the punishment with you , and not with the behavior.  This may inadvertently cause other undesirable behaviors or make them fearful of you.
Without doubt, a cat who doesn't use a litterbox is a cat guardian's greatest lament.  There can be numerous reasons why your cat won't use the box - medical issues; stress; the location, size, and number of  boxes - the list goes on and on.  By looking at your cat's behavior in relation to their litterbox, I can help you troubleshoot the issue and have your cat "thinking inside the box".
Inappropriate Elimination
 Every cat guardian dreams of cats and humans living as one big happy family, but that it isn't always that situation.  Whether your cat has relationship problems with feline siblings, or hasn't bonded well with the humans in their life, you don't have to give up hope.  In my experience, there are very few cats that can't coexist with other cats; it is just a matter of finding out why the animosity exists and following a behavior plan to  help them overcome it.  Don't give up -you really can live happily ever after!
Cat vs cat and cat vs humans
  Cats need to scratch. They do it to mark their territory, trim their claws, relieve stress and  stretch out their muscles.    Cats can be taught to use a scratching post - you just have to make it more appealing than grandma's antique heirloom furnature!
Furniture Scratching
 You are trying to  sleep after a busy day, and at  3 AM, your cat decides to serenade you with 20 verses of the latest top Billboard hit song!  We can explore the reasons why your cat feels the need to tell you his life story and have him do it at a more appropriate time.
Excessive Vocalization
Cats love routine and can easily get stressed when adjusting to a new location.  Whether you are bringing your new cat home or planning to relocate, there are many things you can do to help your cat adjust to his new surroundings.  With a simple behavior plan, your cat will be singing "Home Sweet Home" in no time!
  Adjusting to a  new home
Jumping on countertops, running out the door, eating from your plate - cat's have all kinds of behaviors that can make a cat guardian pull their hair out!  Tell me about your cat's annoying quirks and we can work through them.
Other behavior issues