Cat Behavior 
  Solving your cat's behavior problems

and restoring harmony to your home 

       Katie Tontala
My journey in cat behavior began when I started volunteering at local animal shelters 15 years ago. I was immediately drawn to the cats that were surrendered to the shelter or  overlooked for adoption because they had a few "bad habits". I knew they were wonderful cats who had so much love to give, but their quirks made it difficult to find a forever home. Always a champion of the underdog (or should I say "undercat") , I've taken on a personal challenge to help these cats get, and keep, the loving homes they deserve. I have worked with hundreds of cats and worked with families-concentrating on behavior issues such as litterbox avoidance, aggression towards humans and other pets, furniture scratching, jumping on counters and excessive yowling.  To help families work through these issues, I perform cat behavior consults for several local animal shelters and teach classes/seminars in cat behavior throughout the Pittsburgh area.  I have also written numerous articles which address behavior problems and provide tips for working with geriatric cats and cats with disabilities.  I am also a certified feline massage therapist, the benefits of which are discussed on this website.

I have seen too many cats surrendered to shelters because their guardians became  frustrated and thought they could not change their cat's behavior.  My goal is  to keep cats and their families together - every family should have at least one cat to love and grow old with!

(I have a special love for geriatric cats.  All the cats pictured  thoughout the webpage are rescued, special-needs geriatric cats who have stolen a piece of my heart!)                                           

  Selected Educational Articles and a few blogs about some amazing cats!

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